Vlam Vlam ! City rhythms

Much, too much inactivity

Stay in bed, sleep, eat, repeat

AHHHHH ! NO ! Stop it he said.

Produce, document, spit in a notebook. 

Right now : the metro movin’ forward, people lookin’ strange. 

They’re dark, real dark, almost grey. On the edge of transparence,  invisible.

They don’t exist. An illusion, a human illusion.

Me alone, writin’ non-sense on this paper getting slowly drowned by the blue ink. Blue is beautiful, isnt’it ? 

Blue, like Chet Baker blues songs

Blue like Klein ( Calvin Yves ) who once said  « blu blu blu !» in front of his intense obsessive blue canvas 

Blue like when a fish is drownin’ in the ocean and screams « blu blu blu »

Blue like the expression « to catch the blues »

.. At night, once the sun fall asleep and the moon grow in the sky I feel blue.

But now brother , I’m in this metro and I can’t see no moon. 6 feet beneath the ground, there’s just black ants and grey rocks.



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