The Yellow Lady

Hassan jump out the wagon, mind the gap and walk unstraight. He ain’t following this anesthetized wave of humans; the crowd.



walks straight without paying attention to what’s around.



walks. Stop. Turn around himself, dance while walking.Take a look at this funny graffiti on this ad.


A couple minutes later, this old lady drops her yellow gloves. Hassan approach her, offer some help. She smiles and so he does.

They slowly both start looking at the crowd running straight to not the miss the bus. No movement NO NOTHING, just 4 eyes staring.

« I’m too old for that running-to-not-miss-the-bus thing »

« Same, madame. I love this bright yellow outfit you’re wearing today »

« I try to put colors. Too much grey during the winter »

« What’s your name? »

« I don’t have any name. I’m just a character passing by. »


And so, in the glimpse of a blink the lady disappears. No more yellow madame.


Strangely since then, Hassan eyes turned yellow. This yellow lady changed something in him. The young man now feels wicked. Something made an entrance in his body.

While he was able to walk straight before (with a slim effort), he realizes, on his way to the dock of the next bus, that he can no longer line one step in front of the other.

His eyes goes Bloom ! Bloom ! Bloom ! in every direction … Have you ever observed a butterfly flying ?

Did ever a butterfly flew straight ?

The projection of every wings generates such an impressive amount of air-blow that the butterfly cannot maintain the same altitude nor the same latitude.

The little insect is then, always in a constant instability.

Suddenly, Hassan starts feeling this thing inside growing up.

His mouth slowly open.  Teeths starting shining regardless of the stranger’s eyes staring at them. Air abruptly expulsed of his lungs: WORDS !

The 21 year old man is now singing on the dock.



Transcript of Life Cycles: Butterfly vs. Human



A butterfly begins its life as an egg. A human begins its life as a foetus in its mothers’ womb.



During the first two years, the child is called a toddler. Toddlers grow and eat just like caterpillars do. They also learn to walk, starting out by crawling similar to the way a caterpillar crawls.



During this stage the caterpillar turns in to a pupa, or a Chrysalis. It looks like the caterpillar might just be resting inside of the Chrysalis, but it is actually experiencing major changes, just like an adolescent does during this stage. These changes are a transformation called metamorphosis. During this stage, adolescents undergo many physical changes in a process called puberty.



This is the final stage of a butterfly’s life, and it remains this way for the rest of its life. Just like a butterfly an adult remains this way.

This is the final stage
in the human life cycle.


Have you ever seen observed a butterfly flying ?



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